Of course. 2 key points to use BlowWall.
Firstly, It can hide your real IP address.
Secondly, No one will know what you are doing on your computers or mobile phones. All data will be encrypted. 

VPN is like an encrypted tunnel between your device and a server. All your network traffic goes through this tunnel and VPN server is the device talking to the internet.

It does protect you from third parties to look at your traffic. but the bad news is that anybody who has access to your VPN server can see your internet traffic or what you do on the internet.

BlowWall is not a VPN. BlowWall use outline created by google as a client. It’s a perfect tool to get around Chinese big firewall to access censored websites. BlowWall is the server that doesn’t keep any log of your internet traffic. even someone has access to the server who can only knows how much bandwidth each user has used. there is no ways to find out who is behind the BlowWall server. Not even mentioning what you do on your devices. because these is almost impossible they can trace back to you.

BlowWall server technology is by far a much better tool than any commercial VPN service out there. 

BlowWall is using Google Cloud Outline Server with the AEAD 256-bit data encryption. When traffic is encrypted with Outline, network onlookers cannot inspect the websites you visit, or the information you’re transferring. No one will be able to see the contents of your internet traffic.

Yes, We are using thousands of Google Cloud virtual machines as servers

Base on use’s feed back, It’s fast enough to watch Youtube movies without any lagging

  • Few things you can give it a try. Some ISPs block access to certain resources. For example China always restricts its own people to access the outside world.  

1. Change your DNS server to Google public DNS. Add following DNS to your desktop or your smart phone.


2. Disable or stop your anti-virus software.

  1. 3. Restart your wireless router or modem
  2. 4. Reboot your devices

1 Credit Card
2 Apple Pay
3 Paypal

4 Google Pay

Apple Pay & Google Pay!

Because you have already setup and confirmed with them. Making a payment through our system just one touch away. Our system won’t ask your personal info again.

Yes, You can!
But, You have to use Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.


Yes, You can!
But, You have to use google browser on your mobile phone or Chrome browser on your desktop computers.
Your mobile phone is must an android phone!
In addition to that, you must have bound your debit card to your google account. credit card can only be used for shopping and not for sending and receiving money.

You have to bind either of your debit or credit card account with paypal before you can pay with paypal.

Yes, You can!
It’s called East West Bank in the U.S and called 华美银行 in China. It was rated on top 30 U.S banks on Forbes in 2019. Their market value was 43.3 billion dollars at the time.


Of course! 
By U.S law, only authorized financial originations is allowed to save customers credit informations.
leaking informations to any third party without customers authorization is prohibited by U.S law. 

Yes, We offer 7 days money back guarantee services. It is long enough to experiment our software. If you don’t like it for any reason. simply shoot us an email. 

Simply shoot us an email before free trial ends. We will cancel your account with no questions asked.